Sunday, August 24, 2008

Romeo and Juliet at the Met

My hubby and I went to see Guonod's Romeo and Juliet at the Rialto last night. What a delight to see a bevy of girls from the choir all lined up to enjoy the opera! Well, most of us were rather mature, but we nevertheless had a good giggle like young girls, chatting before the lights dimmed.

The whole experience was awesome - it's like you are transported to the Metropolitan Opera, but even better since you get these lovely close-ups and a peep behind the curtains during scene changes. The Met has a fascinating stage with sections that tilt, lift and rotate. From time to time I wondered why the singers were not falling over from dizziness, but actually it does not move that fast.

During the first half the sound was a little unsatisfactory, but at intermission the manager mingled and got some feedback from the audience. During the second half there was a slight adjustment in the sound quality and it was perfect.

Conductor Placido Domingo, soprano Anna Netrebko and tenor Roberto Alagna were the brightest stars, but all of the cast were top notch and a pleasure to hear and see. Casting was excellent - each singer seemed born for the role. Not only could they sing, they could also act.

Well, even if it bankrupts me, I've got to see the rest of this opera series at the Rialto.

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