Saturday, August 30, 2008

Christmas Oratoria Audio CD recordings

Which is the best?

I am sure I found a website ... somewhere ... that listed all the various pros and cons of the currently available recordings.

Was I dreaming?

Amazon lists :-

2007 : Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Gerald Finley, and Christian Gerhaher
2004 : Klaus Häger, Andreas Scholl, René Jacobs
2003 : Harry Christophers
2000 : Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists, Sir John Eliot Gardiner
1999 : Collegium Vocal, Ghent Philippe Herreweghe
1997 : Lübeck Kantorei, Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Karl Münchinger

Any ideas?


Leta said...

I have the Monteverdi Choir version and as far as I can tell it is awesome - cannot say which is best though, not having heard any of the others.

AlanGirvan said...

The Montiverdi Choir performance features on YouTube. The Naxos performance is also good, and at a lower price than some of the others.

Leta said...

Aha... I found the review of recordings you were looking for. Try

Rosi Crane said...

Thanks for that - I'll check out the website, and choose accordingly.

daharja said...

Of course, the City Of Dunedin Choir 2008 performance will go down in history as the best ever, with music geeks demanding professional recordings!


Or so we hope!

Thanks for the info. Listening and working with score in hand will help enormously. Usually I work with piano, but ours is in storage in Melbourne. *sniff* It won't be here for weeks yet :-(