Friday, July 18, 2008

A source of income for the Choir

Well, we always need more funds so we can afford to put on really great classical choral work concerts. We do our best with fundraising, but it is hard work! How about hiring ourselves out to do commercial work - like these guys. Surely there should be some profit in such a venture? And it would be heaps of fun too!

Honda ad on YouTube
Honda Civic ad on YouTube


AlanGirvan said...
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AlanGirvan said...

Next year there is a Test match we should provide some of the pre match entertainment. O Fortuna from Carmina Burana would have been loved by a Rugby Crowd. The crowd might wonder how 30 singers could make such a big sound.

Next year will be test matches against Italy and France. We all know La Marseillais, but the Italian anthem will need some learning. It would be easier to learn Advance Australia Fair, but I do not think Dunedin will get a test against the Australians.

Leta said...

Except that I don't think one gets paid for the pre-match entertainment :-)

I may be wrong, but the choir got nothing for singing the anthems.