Friday, July 18, 2008

Social choristers

Most of choirs I've been involved with over the years have had a social side to them, and I think that's a positive attribute. There's an old saying that "A choir that plays together stays together" and I think that's very true.

So what I'm wondering is, being a social sort of person and all (ya reckon?), it might be nice if we could get some social activities up and running. As a new member to the choir, I've met some fabulous people already, and I hate to think that there's some great would-be friends here that I'll never get to know better than their name tag and a rushed and awkward "hello" during break.

Is there a possibility of having regular drinks or coffee either before or after rehearsal each week, at a cafe or pub close by? Would people be interested? Is something like this already happening but I just don't know about it? And if lifts are a problem, I'm sure people would happily carpool with other members living close by for safety and security.

What do you think? A regular meet-up saves on organisation and planning, and means we can all get to know each other better as the weeks go by in a relaxed and easy manner. With caffeine! :-)

(And in the meanwhile, please come over and say hello when we're not rehearsing. I'd love to meet you and have a chat!)


Leta said...

Good question. I don't know of any socialising before or after rehearsal currently happening. I do know that there are some car "pooling" arrangements. On the whole choristers work a full day, which makes socialising on a Tuesday night possibly too exhausting - I know it would be for me, but then again, there may be others who have more energy!

AlanGirvan said...

Are there only four of us who read these blogs? Tonight we must encourage people to join in, though this does not mean that people should read the blogs during rehearsal. I know some people do bring their laptops with them.

If we need somewhere for coffee, I know some people from Choir have met up at Nova's, sometimes. That is the closest coffee shop. The other side of the Octagon is too far away on a windy night. Nova's can be crowded. The Hungry Frenchman is a restaurant, but it would do coffee etc.

daharja said...

I was thinking more of a cafe or a pub than a restaurant, as we don't want people to think they can't afford it. And weekly restaurant 'dos' would add up, whereas a coffee is probably within most people's budgets.

Thanks to Leta for advertising the Blog at choir, but at the moment there does seem to be a small readership.

Maybe if each of us encourages a couple of people to join the Blog by chatting with them face to face next week, we'll get the ball rolling more. I'll mention it and encourage the women next to me as well as my neighbour (who is also in choir) in next week's rehearsal.

If we all do the same, we'll get started.

With most blogs and suchlike, it's a matter of reaching a sustainable level of membership, then things run by themselves. I'd guess if we get one in five/six of the choir members on the blog, we'd be looking pretty good. Definitely face to face encouragement is the way to go!

So talk about the blog! Post links of interest and topics that would intrigue people! YouTube is a great resource, as is the CPDL. Maybe some great photos from our concerts and activities would be good too.

Leta said...

Yip, encouraging members to join the blog is like a ripple in the pond - every little encouragement grows and pretty soon we'll have a vibrant blog going.

And thanks for telling us about the CPDL - I've added the link to the Links section.

Does anyone else have suggestions for great choral websites we should link to?