Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Singing is an art form...

well that much we knew already.

After last night's practice it occurs to me that this particular piece, Caramel Banana (as we've been told this is a useful guide to correct pronounciation) throws up a particular set of challenges.

Firstly for me, it reveals that I need a hair cut. There is a fine line between balancing glasses on the end of the nose, so that I can peer over the top of them, and having a fringe short enough so that the view I get is of David and not of out-of-focus hair.

Secondly, it's a balancing act of handling the ever-so fragile copy of said Banana. Incidentally mine has been badly repaired using ordinary sellotape, itself now ageing and falling off leaving horrible sticky residue behind. I may have a go at some rescue repairs myself, but really it needs more than 3M Scotch Tape, much of the spine needs supporting with some extra paper strips and a bit of PVA glue - these two are fairly innocuous methods of sticking things back together again.

Thirdly, it's an art knowing where the other parts are singing. I did a wonderful alto solo last night, joining the men when I shouldn't have been, I blame my neighbour for not digging me in the ribs to let me know I was not in the right place.

Fourthly, and this art-form is common to all of us, getting our toungues round the words. I have a CD (sorry I forget who is singing) and they don't seem to do much better, no excuse but hey, we can only do our best!

It's all good fun.

PS: caramel banana = Carmina Burana


Leta said...

This somehow reminds me of a wonderful video that used to be on YouTube but sadly has been removed, where someone very cleverly paraphrased the words of "O Fortuna" into English to match the sounds of the German and Latin. Some of you may have come across it before.
So, for example, "O Fortuna" becomes "Oh Four Tuna" and four cans of tuna are displyed on the video. Hillarious!

AlanGirvan said...

If you want a CD of Carmina Burana, you can try going through all the CDs at the Warehouse, and you might find one for $1.99 Where everyone gets a bargain.

If I had been your immediate neighbour last night I would have been more than happy to dig you in the ribs if you had joined in one of the Bass parts. But, once when I wanted to sing an Alto part, an Alto told me don't even think about it.

daharja said...

For scores that need taping back together, I think you can get special librarian's tape that will do the trick nicely.

I don't know which sort, but I do know that we shouldn't use plain old sellotape for the reasons you mention - it goes all crusty and brown after a few years, and then gets brittle.

For those of us with nasty scores, we might want to ask Clare (?) the Librarian. She is sure to know which tape to use, to what extent we should mend our scores, and how to go about doing so.

If people are interested in this work, I do know that you can order full choral scores of Carmina Burana from Amazon, starting from about $20. These aren't just the part scores (male / female only) - they have all voices, and are less confusing than the half scores we have been provided with.

This version of Carmina (the Hal Leonard) is the standard choral version that most choirs work with, and is quite a good one. If you collect scores for your own repeated use, I'd say it is a pretty good investment :-)

Note that this is NOT a full score (i.e. with all the instrumental stuff), just a vocal score.

Here's a link for the Amazon Carmina scores.

Leta said...

Thanks for the tip about the availability of the vocal score - I'm going to get me a copy!