Monday, July 21, 2008

Sheet music


I'm wondering if anyone has the sheet music for a piece of music called Veni, Veni Emmanuel. It's an amazing and beautiful piece of choral music, and I've been searching for it awhile now. The lyrics are 9th century Latin, and the melody is approx 12th century French. There's a link to youtube which is a recording of some people doing it, it's not that great, but if anyone remembers they have the sheet music of it, could they please let me know?

Thank you!!


Lee said...


The piece is available on the CPDL here, although the version I have found is in English for SATBB, so if you wanted Latin I'd have to do a pretty rotten translation for you (my Latin is very nasty) or find someone with better Latin than me :-)

The piece is not under copyright (that's what's great about the CPDL) and can be copied freely. It's available as a PDF, which makes copies easy, if you want it for church.

Leta said...

The lyrics in Latin:

Veni, veni Emmanuel;
Captivum solve Israel,
Qui gemit in exilio,
Privatus Dei Filio.

Gaude! Gaude! Emmanuel,
Nascetur pro te, Israel!

Veni, veni, O Oriens;
Solare nos adveniens,
Noctis depelle nebulas,
Dirasque noctis tenebras.

Veni, Clavis Davidica!
Regna reclude caelica;
Fac iter tutum superum,
Et claude vias inferum.

Veni, veni Adonai!
Qui populo in Sinai,
Legem dedisti vertice,
In maiestate gloriae.

Leta said...

And here is a lovely recording - but sung in English

Lee said...

If you want me to re-typeset the piece, with the latin text, I'll be happy to do so. Its not under copyright, so that's not an issue.

Let me know if you want me to do so.