Thursday, July 17, 2008

A little different from our usual music?

I love the music we do, but don't you think it would be fun one day to do something really different!

I know we will never do that, but I just have these images of something like that! I think maybe some people would be rather shocked!

Well, I suppose I can dream!


AlanGirvan said...

A fun piece that would be a bit unusual - Daphnis and Chloe by Ravel. You can tell everyone you have been in a Ballet. The choir sings a wordless chorus (sing aaaa all the way through.) The choir is also meant to be off stage, so no one will see you. Do we have any good Dance Groups in Dunedin who could do D and C with us? Selwyn Ballet perhaps?

Leta said...

Andrina's suggestion comes from the film "Van Helsing" that screened in 2004 and the song is by the band Nightwish.

The Ravel that Alan mentions is rather lovely; have a wee taste:

Ravel - Vladimir Ashkenazy - Daphnis et Chloe

Daybreak (1/3)
Pantomime (2/3)

daharja said...

That would be seriously cool. Any idea who the choir is?

Something that we might stand a better chance of doing is the Bernstein Mass (Bernstein was the guy who wrote West Side Story, if you can't place him).

Here's a taster: Youtube link.

I was part of a massed choir that performed it in 2001, and it is STILL one of my all-time favourite pieces - as it was for most of the choristers who participated. So many choral works are pretty forgettable - nice at the time, but do you really remember them afterwards? This one you remember! The Kazoo chorus is just one of the many offbeat highlights :-)

If I had my choice about music to perform, the Durufle Requiem would be up there as a favourite, but I'd like to try some different stuff too. With a good student population, you'd think that if we went a little out of center and tried something new we should be able to draw a crowd.

One possibility might be to do a selection of gaming music, if choral music is used in games - which shows how little I know about computer games!

Of course, if I had my way we'd be heading for stuff from great musicals (Singin' In The Rain, here we come!), but then, I'm a dag ;-)

AlanGirvan said...

We could do Not the Messiah by Eric Idle. Including Always look on the bright side of life. We need to whistle.

daharja said...

Whistling isn't a problem. Everyone thinks they can whistle - even when they can't! ;-)