Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Listen to the anthems

Carisbrook, 12 July 2008, tri-nations rugby test New Zealand vs South Africa, with Claire Barton, Peter Chin and our Choir singing the national anthems:
Wow, they looked so smart, and sounded great!


daharja said...

How wonderful was that!

Thanks so much for posting it. And thankyou very much to everyone involved in organising the opportunity for us to sing at the game. I never thought when I joined the choir I'd be singing at Carisbrook and getting free tickets to the All Blacks.

AlanGirvan said...

Just in case anyone wants to know how I am increasing the fame of the City of Dunedin Choir, you should read the link, where I have pasted the YouTube of the Anthems. You have to look at contribution no 154

daharja said...

Hey Alan, great publicity job :-)